For Blue Apron, we created a week's worth of touching stories about "what cooking can do." Each film ran on its respective day of the week. 

Here's the coverage in Adweek, where it was named Ad of the Day.  

Blue Apron Presents: Any Night
In this movie-trailer-style anthem, we introduce the five films and establish the idea that, for some of us, making dinner means more than just getting food on the table. 

Blue Apron Presents: Monday 
We’ve all “had a case of the Mondays”. But some of us refuse to go down without a fight.

Blue Apron Presents: Tuesday 
A teenager and his little sister decide to surprise their hard-working mom with dinner.

Blue Apron Presents: Wednesday 
These new parents are intent on getting the baby to sleep and taking a moment to feel like their old selves by cooking a special dinner together. 

Blue Apron Presents: Thursday
A recently widowed man uses Blue Apron to learn how to cook for the first time, and surprises his son with an unexpected meal.

Blue Apron Presents: Friday
A woman pushes the boundaries of her tiny New York apartment to host a big dinner party for her girlfriends.