Americans are spending less time cooking than any other nation in the world. We only cook 24 percent of our dinners from scratch, and we eat nearly 50 percent of our meals alone.  

But there’s more at stake than just putting food on the table.

As America’s leading meal-kit company, Blue Apron wanted to reconnect people with the significance of cooking. So we created five stories that show the power of what cooking can do. And how—when we put in the effort—any night of the week becomes a chance to transform a mood, a moment or even ourselves.

The campaign, directed by Paola Morabito, was featured in Free The Bid

It was also named Ad of the Day on Adweek.  

Blue Apron Presents: Any Night
In this movie-trailer-style anthem, we introduce the five films and establish the idea that, for some of us, making dinner means more than just getting food on the table. 

Blue Apron Presents: Monday 
We’ve all had one of those Mondays. The kind where you get home from work and just want to order delivery and accept defeat. In this film, we see what happens when one man decides he’s not going down without a fight.

Blue Apron Presents: Tuesday
Sometimes a kid’s small action to help out signals something much bigger about the person they’re becoming. In this story, we see what happens when a boy and his sister show maturity beyond their years, taking care of dinner for their unsuspecting mom.

Blue Apron Presents: Wednesday 
A sleeping newborn is like a ticking time bomb. But that doesn’t stop these new parents from trying to cook a special date-night dinner and reclaim a moment for themselves—no matter how fleeting that moment might be.

Blue Apron Presents: Thursday
Some people go their whole lives without ever really  spending time in the kitchen. In this story, we see how learning to cook is an act of self-definition—even at 76 years old.

Blue Apron Presents: Friday
A tiny kitchen can be a huge barrier to hosting dinners at your place. In this story, we see what happens when one woman challenges that notion. Along with all her friends. And the cat.


And the campaign made everyone on the internet cry.